REscEU - Escape Room Project

Escape Room - What would life be without EU?

Foster Europe started its work in 2020 in the project aiming to show the EU citizens a future scenario where EU has dissolved. In each of the countries involved, a real immersive, interactive and playful experience is set up, and citizens are invited to actively participate in it by playing the roles and characters assigned to them. The escape rooms will be Europe themed and will allow participants to gather and challenge their knowledge towards the goals of the escape room experience.

RescEU is a European project made possible thanks to the cooperation of 11 European organisations. Each partner shares the common vision: to work towards a stronger and more united Europe. A game can make a difference in the European context, helping participants to better understand the EU’s functions and consequences in our daily life. Stay tuned and join us for the game in Eisenstadt, Austria in 2021. 

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