The 6th DANUBE PARTICIPATION DAY IN THE EU DANUBE  organised by the PA 10 Institutional Capacity and Cooperation, Danube Civil Society Forum, Foster Europe Foundation, Transylvania Social NGO Federation, Sustainable Development Group Constanţa and with the help of the Romainan Presidency in 

The theme of this year´s Danube Participation Day was Youth – Participation – Empowerment of younger generation to engage and be represented in political and governance processes as well in the rejuvenation of the strategy.

On 26th June at the 6th DPD we a) looked at the general situation of youth in the Danube region in terms of inclusion, participation, b) presented a number of good practices of project and processes involving youth, and c) took care that youth is able to present itself, its views and challenges.

The Danube Participation Day was an official side event of the 8th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region – Building Cohesion for a Shared Prosperity in the Danube Region. The Annual Forum took place on the 27-28th June also in the Parliament Palace, Bucharest, Romania.

We would also encouraged all our guests to take an active part in the programme and join our Interactive Market Placein the afternoon. The applicants had  the opportunity to present projects, project ideas, form groups dedicated to various issues and aims related to youth-participation and empowerment.

It has been a really fruitfull and sucessfull day.

Detailed information on the event is be accessible on the website of the Danube Civil Society Forum >> 

The 6th Danube Participation Da is grateful for the support granted by the Romanian Presidency of the EUSDRand the Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration and the Project Danube Youth Participation 2019-2020