ENriCH: Discovering European cultural heritage through international dialogue

The project ENriCH: Reveal YouropEaN Cultural Heritage, funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme, started in September 2018.

ENriCH is led by the city of Veszprém with the support of the International Office of HETFA.

Municipalities and civil organizations active in the field of youth and culture from Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Austria and France are participating in the project. ENriCH aims to reinterpret the European cultural heritage through the dialogue of involved young people and decision makers. ENriCH also provides opportunity to explore how the major European events affected the cities of the partnership, and what kind of long-term impacts these happenings had on them. Moreover, it pays special attention to discover such local values which contributed to the European cultural heritage.

As part of the project, local discussions and transnational workshops are organized. During these events, young participants gain insight into the world of decision-makers and discuss how the preliminary identified local heritage has formed the present and future of Europe. Furthermore, they examine to what extent the perception and attitude of future’s generation has changed relating to common European values. Beside the official project partners, the city of Passau will also host a transnational project event since it is rich in cultural heritage and has a traditional and active relationship with Veszprém.

The cultural event in Eisenstadt will take place on the 1-2. April 2019. Co-organisator and co-hosts of the event will be the Joseph Haydn Konservatorium, ORG Theresianum Eisenstadt and Landtag Burgenland. Further details and the agenda will be available soon. 

Until then, if you want to be part of the project please go and share your opinion with us by filling out the following questionaire: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4717172/Enrich-YouropEaN-Cultural-Heritage-ENriCH-AT

The official website and the social media channels of the project will start in due time, for further details stay tuned on www.hetfa.eu!

Partners of ENriCH are:

  • Municipality of Veszprém, HU
  • Tartu City Government, ES
  • Public University of Ptuj, SI
  • Saint-Omer, FR
  • Foster Europe Foundation for Strong European Regions, AT.